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Pressure Test Methods Of Straight Seam Steel Pipe
- Mar 02, 2017 -

Longitudinal seam pipe pressure test procedure:for the length,according to the actual situation to take a period of not longer 500m;Longitudinal ends fitted in a sealed flange plate,intermediate plate for sealing with silicone.Bolted,and configure the valve.One end of the inlet,the outlet end is (also done vent).At the inlet end,should be installed on the pressure gauge.By pressure machine,in the absence of state pressure,slow injection of water into the Longitudinal.When water,attention should be open vent,filed with water until Longitudinal,close the vent.Longitudinal gradually increasing pressure(pressure gauge can be observed),and increased to the test pressure regulator 30min,such as pressure drop during injection fill pressure can be.But not greater than the test pressure.Check Longitudinal interface,accessories,etc.with or without leakage.If leakage,pressure test should be aborted,identify the cause and resolve leaks,then step 5 to organize pressure test.Relief to 50% of the maximum test pressure;if the pressure is stable at 50% of the maximum working pressure,even pressure rise phenomenon,indicating no leakage;for ongoing visual inspection 90in,if still no leakage,the pressure test.