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Seamless Steel Pipe Size And Wall Thickness Inspection
- Oct 26, 2016 -

According to the standard requirements, seamless steel pipe geometry checks include steel pipe wall thickness, diameter, length, curvature, oval face shape, and so on.

(1) seamless steel pipe wall thickness inspection

Tools for seamless steel tube wall thickness check is primarily micrometers. Inspection, by measurement of seamless steel pipe wall thickness micrometer. Verify first before checking micrometer within the period of validity of the certificate, and proof-reading micrometer is zero, rotation is flexible, measuring surface should be free of scratches and rust, qualified before the use. Check, left hand holding bracket micrometer, Rotary laser wheel with his right hand, screw coincides with the diameter of the measuring point, end face measuring not less than 6 o'clock, and found not qualified wall thickness should be marked.

(2) seamless steel pipe diameter, ovality checking

Seamless steel tube outer diameter and ovality checking tool is mainly used by calipers, Vernier calipers. Inspection, measurement of seamless steel tubes by qualified calipers by diameter. Verify first before checking gauges within the period of validity of the certificate, proofing using calipers and Vernier caliper, measure if there is scratch and rust, qualified before the use. When you check gauges should be vertical axis of seamless steel tube, seamless steel pipe turning, measurement of cross section of maximum points and minimum points, found outside diameter too large or partial hour mark should be made.

(3) seamless steel pipe length inspection

Seamless steel tube length checking tool is mainly used by steel tape measure, measuring length, tape "o" alignment of seamless steel pipe at one end, then tighten the tape measure, tape measure close to seamless surface on one side of the scale, length of seamless steel pipe at the other end of the tape measure is the length of the seamless steel tubes.

(4) examination of seamless steel pipe bending

Seamless steel pipe bending check mainly for seamless steel tubes with a total length of bending, bending per meter inspections, the tools are mainly horizontal scale, feeler gauges and lines.

When measuring the total curvature of the seamless steel tube, seamless steel tube, one end of the line alignment and taut lines, the line close to the surface, then measured with a feeler gauge seamless steel pipe surface with maximum line gap space between the measured maximum spacing is bent seamless steel tubes with a total length of.

Seamless steel pipes per metre main curvature measurement using a 1M or 1.83m spirit level, measuring close to seamless steel tube on the surface level, level placed on a flat, seamless steel pipe axis, then use feeler gauges to measure the level of scale and seamless surface of the clearance distance.

(5) seamless steel pipe end profiles

Seamless steel pipe ends should be cut into a specified angle and for deburring, its inspection methods is the use of square check, seamless end-Groove boards are commonly used.