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Flange end

  • Stainless Steel Pipe Stub End

    Stainless Steel Pipe Stub EndPipe Stub End During flanging process, the work blank margin usually is not deformation zone because it is restricted by blank holder force and the ratio between the width of the margin and bore diameter is pretty large. The deformed wall serves as force transferring area. The bottom with hole...Read More

  • Blind BF Pipe Flange End

    Blind BF Pipe Flange EndBlind Flange BF flange Without a bore in the center, blind flange is designed to block off pipelines. Available Sizes 3/8"~80", DN10~DN2000 Standards GB/T9112-2000, GB/T9123.1-2000, GB/T9123.2-2000, GB/T9123.3-2000, GB/T9123.4-2000, GB/T9124-2000 SH/T3406-1996 GD2000 GD87-1101...Read More

  • High Quality Seamless Casing Pipe 6 Years API 5CT J55/K55/N80-1/N80Q BTCLTC End R1R2R3 Length

    High Quality Seamless Casing Pipe 6 Years API 5CT J55/K55/N80-1/N80Q BTCLTC End R1R2R3 LengthCasing Pipe API 5CT H40,J55,K55,M65,L80,C95,N80-1,N80Q,C90,T95,P110,Q125 API 5CT casing pipe is one of our main products,we have more than 20 years seamless pipe manufacture history,in 2009 ,our pipe factory got the API 5L and 5CT certificates,our products exported to more than 50 countries from...Read More

  • Butt Weld Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel /Stainless Steel Pipe Rear Cover End Cap

    Butt Weld Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel /Stainless Steel Pipe Rear Cover End CapButt Weld Pipe Rear Cover End Cap is usually welded onto the rear end of a pipeline or screwed into the external thread on a pipe end to block up the pipe. Generally, it serves as a protection device for pipe ends.Our pipe caps are made of carbon steel,stainless steel and alloy steel,etc.Read More

  • Socket-weld Steel Pipe Flange

    Socket-weld Steel Pipe FlangeSocket Weld Flange Our socket welding flange is designed for pipelines with small diameter and high working pressure. Generally, the diameter is not greater than 40mm and the working pressure shouldn't exceed 10.0Mpa. The production process of the socket welding flange is similar to that of...Read More

  • WNF Weld Neck Long Neck Pipe Flange

    WNF Weld Neck Long Neck Pipe FlangeWeld neck flange Weld neck flange features high deformation resistance.great sealing performance,wide application range,good rigidity,resilience and reasonable thinning transition for butt welding.Distant from the welding seam,the adjoining face won't deform due to high welding temperature....Read More

  • Marine Slip-on Loose and Elding Flange

    Marine Slip-on Loose and Elding FlangeSlip-on Flange Compared with common slip-on-welding flange,hubbed slip-on flange has a short neck, which increases the strength and loading capacity of the flange.Therefore,it can be used on pipeline with higher pressure.On the other hand,it is more expensive than regular plate welding...Read More

  • Seat Welding Steel Plate Pipe Flange

    Seat Welding Steel Plate Pipe FlangePlate Flange Plate flange features high accessibility of its raw materials,easy manufacturing,low cost and good comprehensive performance,Hence,it is widely used in many fields such as chemical industry,construction industry,water supply system used in many drainage system,petroleum...Read More

  • Thread Connection THDF Pipe Flange

    Thread Connection THDF Pipe FlangeThreaded Flange Threaded Flange has its inner bore surface designed as tubular thread,which matches with threaded pipe to achieve connection.Therefore,no welding is required.Compared with slip-on welding or welding neck featured easier installation and more convenient maintenance. The...Read More

  • Integral Type Pipe Coupling Flange

    Integral Type Pipe Coupling FlangeIntegral Flange The Integral Flange(IF)is designed for connection of pipes.As one of hubbed welding neck steel pipe flanges,it can be made by carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel,etc.Generally,the flange is used in pipeline with high working pressure. Available Sizes 3/8"~40",DN10~DN1000...Read More