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Stainless steel stub end

  • Spectacle Flange Blank Steel Pipe Flange

    Spectacle Flange Blank Steel Pipe FlangeSpectacle Flange Spectacle flange is made up with two metal discs which are attached to each other by a small section of steel. Its shape is similar to a pair of glasses or "spectacles". One end of the flange will have an opening to allow flow through the pipe during operation and the...Read More

  • Galvanized Carbon Steel Seamless and Welded Bending Pipe

    Galvanized Carbon Steel Seamless and Welded Bending PipeBending pipe As a professional pipe fittings manufacturer in China, We have cutting-edge techniques and advanced pushing machine and heating and bending machine for production of pipe bends. Pipe bend can be made of variety materials,like carbon steel bending pipe ,alloy steel bending...Read More

  • Casing Pipe BTC,LTC End , R1,R2,R3 Length

    Casing Pipe BTC,LTC End , R1,R2,R3 LengthThe threaded buckle type of Casing Pipe includes LTC (Long thread connector), STC (Round threading connector) and BTC (Buttress threading). It is available in R1, R2 and R3 length.Read More

  • Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel /Stainless Steel Eaqual and Reducing Pipe Tee

    Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel /Stainless Steel Eaqual and Reducing Pipe TeeCarbon steel/Alloy steel/Stainless steel Seamless and welded PIPE TEE As a type of fittings, pipe tee comes into two shapes which are T-shapes and Y-shaped. It is usually installed at the intersection point of three pipelines. Our company provides various T-shaped tees, which include straight...Read More

  • Seat Welding Steel Plate Pipe Flange

    Seat Welding Steel Plate Pipe FlangePlate Flange Plate flange features high accessibility of its raw materials,easy manufacturing,low cost and good comprehensive performance,Hence,it is widely used in many fields such as chemical industry,construction industry,water supply system used in many drainage system,petroleum...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Pipe Stub End

    Stainless Steel Pipe Stub EndPipe Stub End During flanging process, the work blank margin usually is not deformation zone because it is restricted by blank holder force and the ratio between the width of the margin and bore diameter is pretty large. The deformed wall serves as force transferring area. The bottom with hole...Read More

  • Socket-weld Steel Pipe Flange

    Socket-weld Steel Pipe FlangeSocket Weld Flange Our socket welding flange is designed for pipelines with small diameter and high working pressure. Generally, the diameter is not greater than 40mm and the working pressure shouldn't exceed 10.0Mpa. The production process of the socket welding flange is similar to that of...Read More